• Happy Cars Make For Happy Drivers

    Ever since the 1950s, America has had a love affair with its cars. Our cars are an extension of ourselves. They represent our personalities, and we take comfort in driving our sanctuary on wheels. Our cars are our home away from home, and the connections we feel with them are uncommonly strong compared with our

  • How Paintless Dent Removal Works

    If your vehicle has sustained damage while being left outside during a hailstorm, you may be wondering if you’re going to be stuck with your car’s pockmarked body for the lifetime of the vehicle. Fortunately, the pros at Hail Star PDR dent removal have the tools, skills, and experience to restore most auto bodies to

  • We Visit Hail Damaged Areas

    While the states of Wyoming, Colorado, and Nebraska are particularly subject to hail in the spring and summer months, the truth is that hailstorms can catch communities all across the country by surprise. The sudden confluence of the necessary weather conditions can make hailstorms very difficult to predict, and people in any location may suddenly

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